13 Facts about the French You Will Have a Hard Time Believing

13 Facts about the French You Will Have a Hard Time Believing
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Apart from its cheeses, wines, pastry, and language, which Joey from Friends masters so well, France has always been a sort of a black hole for us yankees. So much so that we’ve grown these wild stereotypes about France and the French that, like all stereotypes, are probably not that true. So today, we will discover some interesting facts about the French that you wouldn’t Believe from the first sight. This should be fun!

1. The French Don’t Hate Americans

You read that right, the French don’t hate us. They have no beef with us as a people nor should they. And that’s because they know how to differentiate between a people and its government who may or may not agree with. Even more so, one of the leaders who signed the declaration of independence, Charles Carroll, was actually educated in northern France. So, I guess we have one more thing to thank them for.



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  1. Have been to Paris and it is beautiful and so full of culture. The Eiffel Tower at night is quite a sight to see!

  2. I’m Mexican i been to France 3 times and I love every thing I got lost twice, the first time I was able to find my way by my self, the second time I asked a girl directions she wasn’t rude because I didn’t speak her language like they do here she went out of her way to show me. she was very kind.

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