10 of the Weirdest Towns You Could Ever See

10 of the Weirdest Towns You Could Ever See
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Traveling makes humans more open to embracing both their differences and similarities, be more tolerant, and develop a wider perspective of the world we all live in. In the end, we remain very similar, yet each one of us is unique.

You may have traveled a lot and visited many extraordinary people and places, but we don’t think you’ve ever heard of these unusual towns. They’re like something from another world, besides boasting a rich history that’s filled with facts and legends all tourists love. You just cannot visit these towns and not become a storyteller, sharing all the surprising details with everyone you know.


Enough with the excitement, now! Let’s find out everything about 10 of the world’s weirdest towns.

10. Dwarf village, China

Dwarf village, China
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This place can be described as the great kingdom of the little people, who interestingly have their unique myths and stories about their existence.
Some tales say that the residents of this village were struck by a condition that stops people from growing bigger, while others claim that it’s a punishment because locals failed to grant their ancestors proper burials. And then there’s the story of the curse of the black turtle that sought revenge against the villagers who mistreated and killed it.

9. Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy, Australia
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This Australian underground town first started as a mining ground in 1915. Its name can be translated to the white man’s hole and it’s renowned as the world’s opal capital. Coober Pedy is home to more than three thousand people who loved life underneath the ground, where they bravely built their homes and created an underground community. Although it’s strange, you just wouldn’t imagine how beautiful the city is.

If you’re thinking about visiting this marvelous place, make sure to schedule your trip between October and March for the perfect weather.


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