10 Unfortunate Mistakes that Almost All Travelers Make

10 Unfortunate Mistakes that Almost All Travelers Make
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When this is all over and life has come back to normal and you’re Lucky enough to have the funds to go on that lifelong world travel dream you’ve always had, you may just be so excited that you may make some mistakes that make you look -and feel- like an amateur. For that, the purpose of this article is to stop you from doing just that. Here are 10 unfortunate mistakes that almost all travelers make.

1. Staying Far from Downtown

This stunt is done mostly for Economy but booking your cheaper hotel on the outskirts of the city of your holiday destination can prove to be anything but economic. Usually, the difference in booking prices between downtown hotels and outskirt hotels of the same rating isn’t all that significant, but what can turn up to be significant is the transportation-related costs that you will be spending that when added to the accommodation price can turn out to be at a deficit in comparison to booking a hotel in the heart of the city where everywhere interesting is accessible on foot. Moreover, the mere convenience of it makes it almost a no-brainer.

For instance, if your hotel is always a walk away, you can just go back for a quick shower or nap to freshen yourself up for the rest of the day as opposed to having to wait it out because you only have the budget for one round trip to your hotel, wasting the very reason you’re on holiday; fun. And of course, there are the safety and atmosphere factors to it. You want to be in a place full of people and action that makes you truly feel the vibe of the city and helps keep trouble away from you.



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  1. RESEARCH!!!!

    Know before you go what the balance is.

    You do not have to be in the center of town to see the sights. For example on Grenada we always stay out on Grande Anse beach. The place we stay at is far cheaper than in town and we located all the stuff we needed out there. Ace hardware was even there! the “Go Bus” is under $1US if we need to go to the SPice market of any of the other attractions in town.

    Not Always the case though. On Antigua we were at an AI resort for a few days pre-cruise. Nice place but There was NO other infrastructure and town was a good 15 miles. We wanted to meet up with our friends who were arriving a day early so we grudgingly found what looked to be a fairly decent place 2 blocks from the dock in the middle of St. John’s. The place was FABULOUS! very roomy clean and quiet after the Jump-up ended at 10 pm. Or King room was on ly $60US. The only thing missing was the beach but they have a go bus there too.

    Do your research FIRST, pick your battles and most of all be flexible. You are there to have FUN!

  2. Or you don’t realize the 3rd island wasn’t one you had told the bank about and you had just crossed into another country. Naturally it takes your only ATM card. YES! I DO carry multiples.
    NO! You do NOT want to travel with me.

  3. #6
    This is one of my favorite things to do down Island. Although many locals suffer from RBF they are VERY friendly once you extend yourself a little. I am amazed at how much more people in the Caribbean know about OUR country and it’s politics than most Americans.

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