8 Common Items You Will Rarely See in a Hotel Again

8 Common Items You Will Rarely See in a Hotel Again
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Even though you may not have noticed, as time passes, some things become obsolete. Most times, these items are gradually replaced by better inventions, or the need to use them simply decreases to become nonexistent, and then it makes no sense to keep them around.


Here, we collected 9 things that used to be common in hotel rooms but have gradually been disappearing. Check them out!

1. Plastic key tags

When you come to think about it, hotel room keys ought to be given upon your arrival are not actual keys. More likely, the receptionist at the front desk will hand you a plastic card, that you will tap or swipe, for you to access your room. Before, regular metal keys used to be provided to the guests on their arrival. In the 70’s, before technology was enhanced to plastic key cards, travelers used to unlock their room with traditional metallic keys, which were attached to a keyholder.

These large plastic tags were useful in different ways, as they had details on the hotel’s name and address and the guest’s room number, which was printed on them. If you forget to drop the key off at the end of your trip, some keys have a small stamp that reads “Guaranteed Postage Paid.” You can put the key in the mail and it will make its way back to the hotel. This allows the hotel to reduce replacement costs by paying for postage.

2. Key cubbies

In the past, metal key hands went hand in hand with key cubbies, just at the reception. It was easier this way since guests could leave keys at the front desk in case they needed to leave the hotel. For smaller hotels, each key corresponded with the cubby. This way, the personnel would be able to know the visitor, in case of any message, or if in trouble, would scour the drop-in. As time went by, key cards eventually replaced cubbies.


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