Top 10 Worst Scamming Tricks Tourists Almost Always Fall For

Top 10 Worst Scamming Tricks Tourists Almost Always Fall For
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You’re probably thinking that scamming tricks can be obvious, thus easily avoided, and that there aren’t many tourists who would fall for them. But as much as we would love your assumptions to be true, statistics have another thing to say. In fact, about 1.230 billion international tourists were scammed in 2016. And compared to the year before that, the number actually increased by 4 percent.

Surprisingly, the most popular countries among tourists include the UK, Italy, China, Spain, France, and the USA. Plus, as the number of tourists increased, so did the number of scammed travelers. This might be due to people’s tendency to trust locals more than necessary while visiting new places.

Actually, these are our top ten common tricks thieves and scammers use almost in every part of the world.

1. Random lost items

This trick involves tossing a valuable personal item on the sidewalk, like a bracelet, necklace, or ring for tourists to find. So once someone picks up the item, a scammer shows up right away, encouraging them to take it and not try to find the owner because it’d be impossible then suggest that they split the item value in half.

But the trick doesn’t end here! The scammer politely tells the tourist to just keep the found gift and give them some cash since he hasn’t any. And here’s the best part! Some moments (or more) later, the trusting tourist finally discovers that the piece of jewelry is fake and pretty much worthless and that they’ve just been robbed (kind of).


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