12 of the Best Hotels for Your Next Disneyland Trip

12 of the Best Hotels for Your Next Disneyland Trip
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Going to Disneyland may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a good number of us. Apart from the park itself, the Disneyland experience includes a lot of other factors; one of the most important of which is the accommodation.
Being in a hotel that makes the experience richer, better, and more vivid can make a world of a difference.
This article will display a collection of hotels that you would love to book for your impatiently awaited trip to Disneyland.

1. Disney’s Grand Californian Spa & Hotel

This all-Californian hotel represents the perfect getaway from the madness that Disney land can be all while being the segue to exclusive privilege regarding access to Disneyland. The style of the lobby and the glass profile in the hotel are reminiscent of everything that’s the great state of California. Moreover, the ideal placement of the property grants private access to both downtown Disney land through the monorail and the California Adventure Park. The booking prices start at $478.

2. Hilton Anaheim

This hotel, being only fifteen minutes away from the Anaheim Convention Center, facilitates access to all the attractions of Anaheim. Plus, it is also considered a Disney Good Neighbor facility. This entails discounted prices for different Disney attractions and services as well. The prices for a booking in this hotel start from $150.

3. WorldMark Anaheim

This suite-hotel is the perfect hotel for a group trip, whether you are with your extended family, or your childhood friends finally living the dream. Each room in this hotel can support between 4 to 8 people. Moreover, it’s equipped with everything you’d need in a mid-term stay, from the washer-dryer to a kitchen. That way, you wouldn’t need to spend as much outside anyway, and you’d be able to pack light because you don’t need that many clothes too. This hotel’s booking prices commence at $350.

4. Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

This Disney property offers many perks apart from its vintage Disney look. Being situated literally across the street from Downtown Disney, which most people would already consider to be reason enough to book in. You get early access to the main facility being a customer of the Disney-owned hotel. In addition, this hotel is on the outskirts of the California Adventure Park. You can book your room here starting from $322.

5. Anaheim Marriott

Being a mere 20-minute walk away from downtown and Disneyland, in addition to its spectacular half-covered pool, booking at this hotel may already seem like a no-brainer. But it doesn’t end there, if you choose the Discover Disneyland package deal, you are bound to get, in addition to your accommodation, a complimentary shuttle bus too and from the birthplace of happiness, plus a $100 Disney voucher for every night at the hotel. Well, I’ll see you there I guess, because this is just too good to miss out on. You will need at least $229 to book a night at this hotel.

6. Homewood Suites Anaheim Resort Convention Center

Apart from the mouth-full of a name, this hotel, being one mile away from Disneyland, puts you in the sweet spot between privacy from all the Disney shenanigans and being close enough to make a late-night visit to the DL. More so, this Disney Good Neighbor Hotel has a *wait for it* mini-golf course. Sign me up starting from $201.

7. Disneyland Hotel

Well, it doesn’t get much more straight-to-the-point than that. This hotel lives to its namesake; it grants access to the monorail leading to the park, where you can get early access while wearing the complimentary humongous mickey mouse hat. And when you’re back to the hotel, and still have some buzz in you, you can treat yourself to a drink at their trademark Tiki Bar. You can get a room here starting from 635 USD.

8. Courtyard Anaheim

This one is as close as one can ever get from Disneyland and California Adventure. All you have to do is to literally just cross the street. The kids can play in the waterpark, and at night, sleep in bunk beds and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the fireworks. This hotel is also classified as a Disney good Neighbor hotel. So, get ready for those discounts on booking and park tickets.

9. Hampton Inn & Suites Anaheim Resort

This palm-tree-encircled hotel is only about a mile away from the Disneyland resort. And besides its huge pool, it grants you full Disney good Neighbor privileges as well so that you won’t feel any less than your friends in the other hotels. Booking at this gem of a hotel starts from $139.

10. Embassy Suites Anaheim: South

Also a Good Neighbor Hotel, this place gives you all them sweet perks in addition to the proximity from the parks due to its favorable location with just a bit over a mile from the Disneyland facilities. And to add the cherry on top, the hotel has a grab & go shop for when the hunger strikes but on budget. This place can give you a key to your room for as little as 104 USD.

11. DoubleTree Anaheim: Orange County

Not as close as some of the other hotels we’ve discussed, but still well within convenience. This hotel is a simple eight-minute drive away from the site. But if you can’t or don’t want to drive there, you can always use the ART shuttle to and from the hotel for the symbolic amount of $6 a day. And oh, the hotel also has a Starbucks shop in the lobby; that couldn’t hurt. Couldn’t hurt at all. The booking here starts from 108 USD.

12. Fairfield by Marriott Anaheim

This hotel tells you right away that it also has Good Neighbor privileges with its walls covered in Disney pictures all over. For this hotel, the magic doesn’t have to start or end at the park, with their Disneyland themes and smart TVs. You are assured to be in the DL vibe and be entertained until you forget the word ‘boredom’ even exists. After all, the place is only eight minutes on foot from the holy land of fun. And it could be booked from the base price of $168.

Well, there it is, folks. We have shown you 12 amazing hotels to stay at during your visit to Disneyland. Let us know what you think of our picks and if you’ve ever been to one of these hotels or know any better hotels down in the comments below!



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