8 Places in the US Tourists Aren’t Allowed to Visit

Mormon Church Vault
© Salt Lake Tribune

Having the chance to visit America for tourism is a privilege that not many get to have, it was estimated that in 2018, roughly 80 million people visited the US. With the colossal landmass that is the US soil with the thousands of touristic destinations from the Grand Canyon to basically all of Washington DC, you would think that the country is yours to roam.

But to our surprise – and now also to yours- there are some places in the US tourists just can’t visit. And in today’s article, we will talk about 8 of them.

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  1. how about the cdc’s biological organism vault in atlanta where the earth’s deadliest pathogens are stored, for scientific purposes only of course. or how about plum island? located off of the nort eastern coast of long island where biological research on livestock is conducted.


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