9 Things You Can Only See in Japan Even If You Travel the Whole World

9 Things You Can Only See in Japan Even If You Travel the Whole World
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Japan, the land where ancient culture meets futuristic sophistication meets funky artforms. It absolutely goes without saying that the land of the sunrise is one of the most unique places on the globe and it’s the dream of many people, young and old alike, to visit and experience what it’s like to be in Japan.

So, for this piece, we are going to highlight just how unique Japan can truly be by showing you things that can only be found in Nippon. Without further ado, let’s get going!


1. Red Light Go & Stop Signs

Red Light Go & Stop Signs
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Pretty much everywhere in the world, the pedestrian signs for crossing the road and stopping by the sidewalk are very much standard. It consists of a person walking (colored in green) and a red-colored person standing for both crossing and stopping respectively.

Not in Japan though; they made a small, yet ever-so-cute change by putting a famous rabbit instead of the person. The story behind the representation of the rabbit comes from this last being a novel character which is very similar to the world-famous Hello Kitty character.

2. Chairs

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When visiting cafes anywhere on this planet, you will find two kinds of chairs, either table-level chairs or high stools for the counters.

But in Japan, they like to do this a little differently as well. They use what is called an Izakaya set up. This seating arrangement is basically a dwarfed version of the regular western table set up; which means it’s significantly lower in height but wider at the base.

The comfort of the Izakaya can be debated and is highly subjective depending on what each person finds their comfort in.



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