Top 10 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Visiting the Philippines

Top 10 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Visiting the Philippines
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The Philippines is a wonderful travel destination that hundreds of tourists flock to every year. Its natural beauty and unique culture are reasons enough for this special country to make it to every bucket list out there. But its uniqueness also means that it has completely different customs and traditions, which you need to learn about before booking a flight ticket. So to help you rock your trip and avoid embarrassing yourself or offending locals, here are the top mistakes you should absolutely avoid while visiting the Philippines.

1. Booking a flight to Manila and staying there

Manila is a typical first choice for tourists, especially those visiting the country for the first time. But to get the most of your journey and truly experience the tropical wonders this country offers, you seriously need to explore other cities. Although the capital city of any country is usually the most visited and it often reflects most of the local culture, it only shows a little piece of a bigger and more beautiful picture that’s totally worth discovering. The Philippines has seventeen regions, each has unique things to offer, from heavenly beaches and mountains to insanely good food. So just try to enjoy as much as you can of the beautiful Philippines.

2. Getting around only by taxicabs

Generally, traffic isn’t exactly one of the good things about the Philippines. Honestly, it’s just bad, and you can make it even worse by getting into a cab to travel around.
Although metered taxis can be very convenient, they also tend to be costly. Plus, just like the case in many countries, some taxi drivers would take advantage of tourists who aren’t aware of this fact. That’s why it’s best to book an Uber.

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