Top 15 Longest Nonstop Flights Ever

Top 15 Longest Nonstop Flights Ever
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Can you imagine yourself being stuck inside a metal tube at an incredibly high altitude with too many strangers for almost a day without a single stop? Well, that’s pretty much what these 15 flights feel like (even though with our current “quarantined” world, we all get to know how it feels like to be stuck).

But before the coronavirus and worldwide flight restrictions, flights have been getting longer and longer, as airlines were testing out flights between destinations that are the farthest apart in order to make the world even more interconnected.

This is actually amazing since non-stop flights ensure you reach your destination literally as soon as possible and also with very little hassle, however, such flights can take some pretty long times up in the sky.

In this list, we reveal the 15 longest flights anyone can take, so far!

Note that the flights are listed in order of time spent in the air, and not mileage; certain flights are shorter in mileage but have longer times, while others have shorter times but are longer in mileage (not to mention that flight times are different for individual flights.)

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