10 Awesome Panoramic Webcams that Let Travel the World from Home

10 Awesome Panoramic Webcams that Let Travel the World from Home
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The COVID-19 pandemic has stricken the world hard. Nations are doing their best to control the outbreak and all stages of prevention are being applied. Under these
stressful circumstances, we, the people, are stuck at home. Each one of us tries to
socially distance himself/herself from his/her friends, neighbors, and even family. This unusual lifestyle creates tension and stress as we all fear the output of a global crisis we’ve never anticipated.

People around the world are expressing their state of mind through anger and revolt, kindness and acceptance, creativity and leadership, everyone is just trying their best to fill the void caused by the distress and extended quarantine. One way to feel free again is to use Panoramic Webcams. All you need is an internet connection and you can travel the world while sitting on your couch. Skyline.com is one of the websites providing this free service to keep you relaxed and entertained during the lockdown. If you are a traveler by nature, this is perfect for you, if not, it’s a chance that can open your eyes to a world of wonders. Stay tuned!

Italy (Rome, Venice, Trevi Fountain, Rialto Bridge)

Who would say no to a Trevi Fountain that’s empty of tourists? Yes, the worldwide famous sight is completely deserted during the pandemic as the country is one of the most affected places by the novel coronavirus. Just turn on your live webcam and enjoy a wonderful view of one of the most crowded tourist sites in Europe.
Use the other local webcams to visit the watery city of Venice, where you will be astonished by the clearance of the water that has always been clouded by human interference. You might even spot some fish swimming under the famous Rialto bridge if you’re lucky enough.

Nonesuch Island, Bermuda

If you are a bird enthusiast, this is the perfect live webcam for you. Near the coast of
Bermuda, Nonesuch island is the only location on earth to nurture and welcome the
Cahow bird, a Lazarus species that were long thought to be extinct, however, 34 males and females combined were discovered nesting in this marvelous island. After that, scientific teams and organizations have managed to make this species thrive again as their number went up to 270 birds living only in Bermuda.
Named after the bird, the CahowCams has broadcasted for eight straight seasons. The equipment is very well camouflaged to not disturb the natural habitat and infrared lenses are built to allow the observation of new hatchlings. Pretty cool, right? Check it out!


Thailand’s live webcams are ideal for travel junkies, who are dreaming of an
exotic experience in the East. There is a variety of locations covered by cameras
including temples, historic sites, exotic beaches, and more. You can check out the fantastic sight of the lagoons during sunset, explore the floating market and see the locals feeding birds, or enjoy the country’s culture through the digital eyes of live cams while chilling at home.

Northern Lights from Churchill, Manitoba Canada

We’re talking about the best place in the world to watch the Northern Lights. Those
heavenly dancing visuals in the starry night we all dream of witnessing one day.
Well, there you have it, the perfect spot to watch one of the most beautiful cosmic
phenomena. This live webcam is located in a northern town in Hudson Bay,
Manitoba Canada, the appearance of polar bears is highly likely, although there is
nothing much to see during the day but I guarantee you that the nights will be
magical, eastern time of course.

National Aquarium, Baltimore

Ah! The things this cursed pandemic is depriving us of! The joy and satisfaction
of visiting the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor can never be replaced
by any means. However, we need to improvise to keep our family habits, for the
sake of the children at least, because we all know how kids love to ask a lot of questions.
The National Aquarium live webcams provide the perfect opportunity for a detailed visit and observation of all kinds of aquatic life. Gather the family and cast the webcam to your biggest screen and enjoy the natural beauty from home while keeping everyone safe.

Key West, Florida

Use the Hilton’s Curio Collection of Webcams to find The Reach Key West island,
then fall back on your couch and unleash your imagination. We recommend that you mentally prepare yourself for being there. The waters are a greenish-blue moving and crushing against the cost. If you see a kayaker or a
paddleboarder, just imagine it’s you under the glowing rays of the sun, enjoying your day. You can picture your stay at the island and even choose spots to lay down on the sand, listening to the sound of nature and gazing upon the horizon. This is one of the most wonderful ways to forget about the current crisis and having to go through another day of self-isolation.

Sydney, Australia

Get to see the famous Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge, and more of the
fabulous sights of the unique city of Sydney. Make sure to take a look at the Opera
House’s Digital Archives, which are on-air every week on Wednesday until Sunday. Go on a virtual trip to the land of wonders: Australia, and learn more about the country’s culture, people, and life. This outbreak is the perfect opportunity to discover different places on earth thanks to the technology of live webcams.

Katmai National Park, Alaska

This one is a unique live webcam as it shows the beautiful leaping of salmon fish
against the stream of the waterfalls of Brook in the Katmai National Park. This
strategically positioned camera will provide live footage of brown bears trying their
best to capture the struggling salmon for a rich, delicious, and fatty meal. Get to break out of the quarantine routine and observe this wilderness wonder of Alaska
live on your screen.

Lake Como, Italy

The sunrise in Lake Como is considered one of the most mesmerizing sunrises on
earth. You can get a wide view of one of these sunrises by checking the Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s “Your Window” shots from its live webcam every morning. And don’t forget to check other local webcams, such as the Grinch Mountains for more astonishing sunrise

Saint Lucia

Doing Yoga while admiring the beauty of the Pitons, meditating on the beach,
enjoying a wild dance to the DJ’s sounds of reggae and house music, and participating in a hiking activity for some fresh air at the Tet Paul Nature Trail. All of this is possible if you tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at exactly 11 a.m. ET at the Caribbean islands’ official Instagram page. Hit the play button in the feed and enjoy a fine moment at Saint Lucia.



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