11 Things Flight Attendants Wish Passengers Never Do

11 Things Flight Attendants Wish Passengers Never Do
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We all believe that our jobs are the hardest and the most stressful in the world. But your humble profession could be a blessing if you compare it with other tough and severely demanding jobs that are mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging. Professions like a firefighter, a farmer, a police officer or even an astronaut, make us wonder how these people can cope with their jobs’ circumstances. But have you ever thought about flight attendants’ job circumstances?

Being a flight attendant is not easy at all even if you think that they have an opportunity to travel all over the world and see different and fascinating places. Being a Flight attendant means that you are theoretically and practically responsible for the safety of a big number of people, and it also means that you are dealing with the customer directly. Professions that include customer service assistance are generally bound to interesting and weird stories. They have more than enough stories that last a lifetime to share with their friends or family.

You may think that the flight attendant job is not that difficult or stressful, but there are plenty of things that passengers do leave them completely speechless. Click on next button to discover 11 of them.



  1. It’s wrong to take your shoes off especially if you are in economy?
    It’s just wrong and you’re the kind of person that helps create problems.


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