How to Make Your Staycation Feel Better than a Real Vacation

How to Make Your Staycation Feel Better than a Real Vacation
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To enjoy the most relaxing vacation vibes, you don’t have to book a flight, find a hotel room, or leave the country. Actually, you don’t even have to step outside your house. You can have your own vacation-time and all the chilling activities that come with it right in the comfort of your home.
You’ll be amazed once you learn about the homemade creations that can take you on a vacation without having to leave your house.

Check out these 6 hacks that will make staying at home feel like a wonderful outdoor experience.

Create your own beach getaway

Why leave your house and travel all the way to the beach when you can bring it to you? All you need to turn your house into tropical heaven is some simple accessories that are easy to get online in case you don’t already have them at home.

To create a successful experience, you’ll need to use things that’ll activate your senses to create real sensations. You can start by using a light therapy lamp so you can feel like you’re sunbathing. It’s actually a brilliant idea since you’ll be skipping the harmful UV rays that come with the real sun on a real beach. What’s more, light therapy lamps can boost your mood and help you sleep better.

Now you can move to the next step, which includes using aromatherapy oil (preferably one with a tropical scent) to infuse your house. Keep in mind that your sense of smell and your memory share a powerful link, so breathing in a tropical fragrance will make your brain bring back the beach sensations you’ve already experienced in a previous holiday. Just try to use a good-quality essential oil diffuser.

Bring that cozy cabin in the woods into your home

Had enough beach vibes and would rather experience the magical coziness that’s usually found in winter cabins? We’ve got you covered! You just need to get some items that will help you experience the real essence of hygge, such as a heated blanket that will make your couch cozier than ever. You can also consider upgrading your bed sheets or blankets to fluffier, smarter, and more comfortable ones.
And don’t forget to light some candles, which by the way make all the difference. So feel free to pick your favorite scents.

If you want a fancier experience, you can invest in a programmable coffee maker that’ll wake you up with the irresistible scent of freshly made coffee.

Turn your home into a spa

An inflatable hot tub is all you need to bring the spa home. Try to invest in a high-quality brand that sets up in no time, can resist high temperatures, and even creates bubbles. Or you can simply run a bath, throw sea salt in it, light a few candles around it, and sprinkle some rose-leaves all over the place. To upgrade the experience, get a comfy bath pillow.
This actually seems better than going to a spa.

Treat yourself to a literally good night’s sleep

You should never underestimate the power of sleeping well when it comes to a better mood, concentration levels, and overall health. In fact, sleeping like a baby can make you feel like you’re on the best vacation daily.
To sleep better and more deeply, you can use a good air purifier, a better pillow, an eye mask to create total darkness, and earbuds if you are a light sleeper.
These simple items can do a wonderful job of offering you better sleep. After all, you deserve the best.

Explore the offline side of the world

One of the best parts about a real vacation abroad is that it gives you the chance to disconnect from the internet and connect with the world. This allows you to enjoy nature more, finish a book, make a friend, come up with a new idea, or just get to know more about yourself.
So why wait until you travel to go offline when you can do it anytime anywhere. If you need a reason, then there’s no better reason than self-care and self-development.
Just turn off your Wi-Fi and read more books, meditate, dance, look at the sky, or have a meaningful conversation. Whatever helps you find peace of mind or become a better version of yourself.

Let technology handle house cleaning

Great vacations come with staying at a nice hotel and not having to do any cleaning. Amazingly, you get the same wonderful feeling at home and without having to pay for cleaning services. A robot vacuum will do all the cleaning for you without even complaining or getting tired, keeping your floors clean and helping you stay comfy and relaxed.
Just make sure to look into models to find the best one for you. Believe me, you won’t regret it. These babies are worth every penny!



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