15 Safe Ways to Unclog Your Plugged-Up Ears

15 Safe Ways to Unclog Your Plugged-Up Ears

When the flu season in full swing during the fall season, most of us -if not all of us- get something clogged up in our heads; whether it’s nose or ears. Considering how crucial those areas are and how uncomfortable it can feel, something must be in order to unclog our beloved sensory outputs.

This piece will show a variety of methods that you can safely use to feel depressurised and at ease once again.

1. Alcohol and Vinegar

Alcohol and vinegar
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After making a mixture made of equal parts of vinegar and alcohol, put a few drops of it on a cotton ball and place it on your clogged-up ear. You should feel a release after a few minutes of applying it and keeping your head still. If you have anything more serious than a clogged ear, this is something up to your doctor to address and not a subject of your DIY solutions.

2. Gargling saltwater

Gargling saltwater
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This one is a classic. Taking a swim in seawater has always done wonders for your ear and nose canals and using saltwater will naturally have the same effects more or less. By regularly gargling saltwater you are bound to feel a little unclogging in your ears and nose.

3. Olive Oil

Olive Oil
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Another natural element that has been known to help with relief of ear canals is good old olive oil. Its speciality is softening earwax that can be impeding your hearing or just causing you a sensation of heaviness and discomfort.

The way to apply it properly is by warming it moderately and putting some drops inside your ear using an ear dropper. Waiting for a few should be enough to make the earwax soft enough to remove manually.

4. Sunflower Oil + Water

Sunflower Oil and Water
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Olive oil is not the only oil that can prove to be helpful in this area. Making a mixture of sunflower oil and warm water and gargling it can relieve the tension off of your ear canals as well as take care of that sore throat you may have.

5. Saline

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More often than not, clogged up ears and noses can be a sign of and due to an allergic reaction to some trigger. In that case, a saline nasal spray is the way to go.

You could increase its effect by heating it while adding baking soda and salt to the mix. Once the solution is ready, use a syringe to fill the proper dosage and use it exactly how you would use any nasal spray. With a clean nose, of course.

6. Movement

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If it’s a matter of light clogging due to high altitude travel, simple jaw and mouth movements can release the pressure. By jiggling your jaw around with an open mouth, the inner structure of your skull should do the rest of the work for you.

7. Mint and Salt

Mint and Salt
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Another all-natural formula for tension relief consists of mint leaves and salt. Make a small steam bath using boiling water along with mint leaves and salt. While that is taking place, get a large towel ready and place it over your face. Try to get your face close enough to the steam coming out of the pot while the towel is over your face and most of the pot.

Of course, you should be careful not to put your face too close to the pot and to stop the exercise if your skin becomes too tender and wash your face as soon as possible afterwards. Do this in steps of 15 min each until you feel noticeable improvements.

8. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel
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Apart from having a name that brings us back to the 17th century, witch hazel has some healing properties of its own. And when it partnered with dried comfrey leaves as they come to a boil; they make up for a solution that when dropped on your ear 4 times (using an ear dropper) can turn the fortunes of your unwell ears.

9. Hard Candy/ Chewing gum

Hard Candy - Chewing gum
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I’m going to go out on a whim here and say that this one will be the people’s choice for the favourite way to unlock your clogged ears. It’s been known that chewing on hard candy or chewing gum pops open your ears making them as good as new again.

But don’t indulge yourself too much though. One piece of candy or two should be enough to get the job done.

10. Garlic with Oil/Water

Garlic with Oil - Water
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Have 2 or 3 cloves peeled garlic cloves sautéed with oil. When the paste cools down to room temperature, put some of it on your ear for a couple of minutes before you remove it with cotton. Another way of doing this would involve a larger number of garlic cloves (4 to 7) heated in water for a little bit over 10 minutes.

After adding a dab of salt, turn the now boiled garlic into paste. Then apply this putty on a piece of cloth and just lay your ear on it.

11. Blow dryer

Blow dryer
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Put the blow dryer on its lowest temperature and put it around a foot away from your ear while it’s on. Gently pull and massage your earlobe and the surrounding areas so that the excess liquid in your ears is evacuated. The blow dryer should incite the liquid to come out by making it warmer.

12. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil
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This essential oil has a long reputation for its many applications in health and cosmetics. One more way you could use it is by infusing a few drops of it into boiling water and putting your ear near the resulting steam so that the clogging is cleared.

Otherwise, you can use heated olive oil instead of water as a base and put a few droplets of the solution (in room temperature) into your ear.

13. Glycerine/Mineral Oil

Glycerine/Mineral Oil
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Similar to the previous method, you can add a few droplets of glycerine or mineral oil into a boiling pot of water and fill a dropper with the solution and let a few drops of the solution into each ear.

Keep the liquid inside for 10 minutes before draining. Don’t repeat over 3 times a day.

14. Otovent Balloon

Otovent Balloon
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This paramedical device allows you to ease the pressure from your ears by following the following instructions: put the tip of the balloon on your left nostril, then close your right nostril. Inhale air through your mouth and hold it in for a few seconds.

The last step is to exhale solely through your left nostril. Feel free to repeat that until noticeable improvement is sensed.

15. Toynbee Exercise

Toynbee Exercise
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Many of us may know this manoeuvre already just not under its proprietary name. For those who don’t, you start by taking a large sip of water and holding it in your mouth; then you will close your nostrils and swallow the water.

This should have a bit of a pop to it, and a very satisfyingly relieving one, for that matter.

The end! Now you have an entire arsenal of ways to combat clogged up ears and noses under your belt, you are ready for whatever’s left of 2020, at least as far as this goes.

Let us know which ones of these methods surprised you most and of course, do feel free to share this among your peeps so that everyone can enjoy the wonders of an unclogged ear and nose.



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