5 Reasons for Bad Breath While Traveling (and What to Do About It)

5 Reasons for Bad Breath While Traveling - and What to Do About It
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Bad breath is something that a lot of people suffer from and absolutely hate, but it usually happens right after waking up.

But that is not the type of bad breath we are talking about in this article, we are talking here about the bad breath you get after a long trip, and how humiliating and uncomfortable it can be.

Let’s see then how and why you might have bad breath during travel and how can you put a stop to it.

1. Dehydration

One of the main reasons for travel bad breath is dehydration, people tend to forget or even avoid drinking water when they are traveling for numerous reasons, not wanting to use a public toilet for example, or just concentrating too much on the flight, the destination and when you will be arriving that you completely forget you need to drink water to keep yourself hydrated.

So to prevent hydration and bad breath, you need to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water early before your flight and bringing a portable water bottle with you to drink often. This way, you will not have to suffer from bad breath once you arrive at your destination.

2. Eating the wrong food

How many of us have eaten food before and it made our breath stink so much that it was unsupportable even to oneself, and to most people, food that makes breath stinks is garlic, onions, fish but what most of the people do not know is that even drinking coffee or alcohol before traveling can also make your breath smell because it will only make you more dehydrated.

So a way to deal with this is simply to avoid eating this kind f food or drinking this kind of beverage before traveling, and if you have no other choice but to do that then try having some fruits or even gum before you get on the flight to cleanse your saliva.

3. Skipping meals

Just like eating bad food can give you bad breath, skipping meals can do that as well. We all know that airplane food is not the best food in the world and most people avoid eating it and wait until they arrive at their destination to eat, but that will only give you a stinky breath.

If you really hate airplane meals and cannot tolerate them, bring some snacks with you like a chocolate bar or something healthier maybe like a granola bar, just do not skip meals and stay without food for the whole flight.

4. Poor oral hygiene

Everyone knows that when you have bad breath, you probably need to wash your teeth and mouth to get rid of the bad breath, but when you are on a long flight you probably will not do that.

Also, once you arrive at your destination you will be too fascinated by the places and things you see and you are going to forget your usual hygiene habits, like flossing and washing your mouth.

To not fall into this mistake, the most effective solution is some pre-pasted toothbrush that you can get, they are not expensive and they do not require water to rinse so you can just wash your teeth on the go without having to worry about anything else, this way you will always be able to wash your teeth whenever and wherever you are and you can say goodbye to the embarrassment of a stinky breath while you’re traveling.

5. Illness

Another reason that can get your breath to stink after a long flight is if you were sick, and especially if you catch a cold. When you are having a cold, that is when usually your nose feels stuffy and you start breathing through your mouth, and doing that will eventually lead to drying up your mouth and hence causing a stinky breath.

To avoid being in this situation, the best and most effective way is to avoid getting sick in the first place by keeping your hands clean and sanitized and all your surrounding area, but if the harm is already done then you should bring with you during the flight a saline nasal spray to keep your nostrils hydrated so you’d breath through them easily and not dry your mouth by breathing through it.

These were some of the major things that cause stinky breath during traveling and some of the ways you can stop it from happening or get rid of it when it does.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this article and if you will apply these tips to avoid having a stinky breath while you are traveling in the future.



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