8 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Eating Honey Every Day

8 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Eating Honey Every Day
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Honey has been known for ages for its many benefits and, of course, delicious taste. That sweet and sticky yellowish-brown fluid made by bees has so many more good things about it other than just its nice natural sweet taste.

So let’s see what honey would do to your body when ingested daily.

1. Clearer skin

Clearer skin
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It is every girl’s dream to have clear and smooth skin, no pimples no redness, just smooth silky skin. And to achieve that dream, they can go and get almost every product out there that promises clear and young skin forever but in vail, no matter how expensive it is but the product can do little to no effect at all.

Natural products have been proven to give the best results when it comes to the skin because they are chemicals free and those are the most dangerous for your skin. Honey has a reputation for being an antibacterial agent, therefore it will do your skin some much-needed favours in terms of improving its conditions.

2. Loss of excess weight

Loss of excess weight
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Many people suffer from excess weight and are not satisfied with how their body looks and no matter the diet they follow, or the many workouts they do, it just does not work for them or the improvement they see is too slow and it takes months for them to lose some pounds.

This can be because you think your diet is perfect but it is not, usually when you are trying to lose weight you should not eat sugar because it is one of the things that make you gain weight a lot, except for honey.

Honey has a different decomposition and therefore instead of making gain weight, it does the contrary it boosts your metabolism and helps with weight loss.

3. Lowered cholesterol level

Lowered cholesterol level
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When it comes to cholesterol, most sweet things make the cholesterol level in your blood high, but again that does not apply to honey. On the contrary, honey is not like all the other sweet things, it contains vitamins that help to decrease cholesterol level rather than increase it.

4. Stronger heart

Stronger heart
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One of the main reasons for cardiac attacks is arteries narrowing, honey is known for its many antioxidants that can help prevent narrowing in arteries. It is recommended to dilute Two to three tablespoons of honey in a cup of water and drink every day and you will never have to worry about cardiac attacks because of narrowing arteries.

5. Better memory

Better memory
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If you are still studying, then this tip is going to be very helpful for you when you are studying for your exams and you suffer to remember all this information and formulas.

Honey, because of its antioxidant properties, can help with your memory because it releases stress and you will feel more at ease and your brain will be calmer, therefore it will be easier for you to remember the things you need for your exams. You just need to consume at least one tablespoon of honey at least every day so that your brain gets the benefit it needs from it.

6. Sounder sleep

Sounder sleep
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Did you ever go to sleep and woke up feeling so tired like you did not sleep at all? This happens when the body and brain are so tensed that even while you are sleeping, they do not get the right rest.

Sleeping is not just closing your eyes; it is a whole process where different hormones get released so you would wake up feeling rested and full of energy and honey helps with that.

Honey helps to increase the level of insulin in the blood which in return releases serotonin who then gets transformed into melatonin, which is the key to sounder sleep.

7. Healthier stomach

Healthier stomach
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If you suffer from stomachache so man times, or even if you do not. You should remember the fact we mentioned earlier that honey is known for its antibacterial abilities.

It has been confirmed that eating a tablespoon of honey in the morning before eating anything else helps with digestive problems, honey can destroy the germs in your stomach and heal wounds if there are any, and therefore it can prevent any dangerous diseases in your stomach.

8. Relieved nervous tension

Relieved nervous tension
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If you are a yoga lover and always looking for a new way to relax, then you should know this honey tip. Honey contains glucose which is essential for neurons to work properly and therefore it will help with fatigue and it makes you more relaxed and stress-free.

These were the best benefits of honey, of course, their many others that we could not state in this article but what we can all agree on is that honey is very beneficial, and consuming it daily will make your body and brain healthier and stronger.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about honey benefits and whether or not you are going to add honey to your daily consumption. And while you’re at it, pass this along your peeps to let them know about the goods of our sweet honey.



  1. I did not know all the benefits of honey, but now that I’ve been provided with this information I will give it a try to boost my immunity and receive all the benefits.

  2. Yes, after reading this very concise informative piece, I will add a tablespoon of honey in the morning to my daily ritual. Thank you.

  3. I believe it should be raw unfiltered honey to get all these benefits. Filtering and pasteurizing removes/destroys the beneficial components

  4. Apollo i do that for more then 60 years, and people do not believe me that i am 73 , and they keep telling me ,i do look much young from my real age maybe 62 , hihihihhi. Thank you.

  5. The famous spiritual healer Ted Flicker asked what is healthiest food to eat when he arrived in America to do healing is reply honey.i follow that recommendation suggest like you said other should to.

  6. I take a tablespoon of honey and lemon with warm water with my vitamins ever morning before braskfast. Would like your reply on that


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