Here are the 8 Fish you Should Not Be Eating

Here are the 8 Fish you Should Not Be Eating
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Have you ever heard of the toxic fish that’s considered a delicacy in East Asia? Called Fugu in Japanese, this killer fish is an expensive treat prepared by chefs who have spent years mastering the art of deboning it and serving it to adventurous diners.

This fish is known to be pretty good, whether in sashimi form or cooked, however, if not cleaned properly, eating it would mean certain death. And, this may come as a surprise to you, but Fugu is not on our list today! Because even though this innocent-looking blowfish could end your life, we still think it’s worth the gamble.

The fish on the list below, however, are not worth eating. Why? Well, either because their consumption is killing our oceans, or because eating them is a living nightmare to the body.

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