10 Hidden Airport Rooms No One Told You About

10 Hidden Airport Rooms No One Told You About
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Traveling is fun but it also comes with inevitable stress, especially while trying to get through the airport, which involves long lines, noises, going through security, finding your gate, and lots of waiting. And things may get even worse if you add a long layover to the mix. Not to mention having to spend the night at the airport.
A bad experience at the airport can easily affect the entirety of your travel plans. But what if you could just start your vacation at the airport! In fact, many airports have hidden rooms where you can sleep, meditate, or even get a massage. The problem is most travelers know nothing about such places that can make their travels more delightful.
From hidden bedrooms to secret dog parks, here are ten hidden rooms you never knew existed in airports.

Check them out now, you’re about to get lucky.

1. Hidden bedrooms – Las Vegas, USA

Hidden bedrooms – Las Vegas, USA
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Getting some sound sleep is the ultimate wish of all flyers who are coming back from a lively trip. You can only imagine how tired you could be while you wait at the airport after a crazy time. The good news is you aren’t supposed to wait until you reach your bedroom to get some sleep because McCarran Airport has got you covered! The airport has bedrooms you can rent for $5 per hour or $60 for ten hours. You can also benefit from their gym and showers or make an appointment for massage therapy. We really can’t think of a better way to help you get back on track after a wild trip.

2. Meditation room – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meditation room – Amsterdam, Netherlands
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If your travel path includes Amsterdam, you’d certainly like to know that Schiphol Airport has a meditation room for travelers. You can feel free to meditate, pray, or simply relax and enjoy the silence in this interfaith room, which holds Sunday services for multiple religions. You can hold your own service by contacting the person on duty in advance, and if you have a flight to catch, you’d be allowed to leave the service early. To find the Meditation Centre, just pass security at the F-Pier, near Lounge 3.

3. Free showers! – Incheon, South Korea

Free showers! – Incheon, South Korea
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You can not only shower for free but also receive a free shower kit at Incheon airport. It can be very useful in case you have a long layover in South Korea. The free showers are found on the 4th floor and only a few travelers know of their existence. Also, the showers are always open and offer half an hour time limit. You can also use other highly convenient showers in the east and west wings for only $1. So now you can enjoy a refreshing shower while waiting for your next flight.

4. Yoga room – Chicago, USA

Yoga room – Chicago, USA
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O’Hare Airport in Chicago has a public space where individuals can put personal stuff and exercise mats. This room is mirrored, quiet, and usually empty because only a few people know about it. So, if you need to stretch and enjoy some peaceful time before or after a flight, look no further than this yoga room. While there, you’ll find two monitors on the wall, the first displaying yoga exercises and the second displaying flight information so you won’t miss your plane. You can find this space on the Mezzanine Level of terminal 3. It’s always open.

5. Secret sleep-boxes – Moscow, Russia

Secret sleep-boxes – Moscow, Russia
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Many travelers come across small box structures while at the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow without realizing what they really are. Actually, if you look closer, you’ll spot the word Sleepbox, and that’s exactly what these things are. To use one of these boxes, you’ll need to pay by the hour and you also get to choose the suitable compartment’s size for you. The boxes were created with a minimal design that makes them hidden or hard to notice by passing travelers. Next time, don’t hesitate to check them out if you need to sleep or take a nap.

6. The quiet area – Minneapolis, USA

The quiet area – Minneapolis, USA
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Airports are always filled with noises that you cannot skip unless you’re at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, which boasts a quiet area in front of the Lindbergh Terminal’s atrium. This peaceful, secret space is hard to find, but it’s totally worth the effort if you have a long layover. You should just be determined to follow the signs that will direct you to the quiet area. You may want to know that this space isn’t fancy at all, however, it offers the silence, tranquility, and comfort exhausted travelers might be seeking.

7. A secret garden patio – San Francisco, USA

A secret garden patio – San Francisco, USA
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This unpopular outdoor space was established by the SFO management in order to improve the lives of their employees by offering them a garden patio where they can eat and relax. This garden is not advertised online, which makes it a perfect secret space to relax for travelers who are lucky enough to know about it. The garden is quiet and open daily. To get there, head to the exit of the arrivals level of Terminal 1 and turn left at the animal relief area.

8. Nursing rooms – Vancouver, Canada

Nursing rooms – Vancouver, Canada
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This isn’t a secret place. Many airports offer nursing rooms, it’s just that they’re not used that often. In fact, most parents don’t try to find out which facilities an airport has. The nursing rooms in the Vancouver International Airport include change tables, sinks, long counter, chairs, and outlets for pumping. Parents can also find playpens to distract their little ones. It’s so comfortable and easy to tend to children in these rooms. To find the nursing rooms, you just need to pass the security in the US departures terminal.

9. Special needs room – Shannon, Ireland

Special needs room – Shannon, Ireland
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To make traveling more enjoyable, Shannon airport created a Sensory Room for people who get stressed or don’t cope well with unfamiliar places. The room’s purpose is to make travelers feel calm and help them get familiarized with traveling. Initially, the room was designed for autists and individuals with special needs. You can find it to the left of the Zest Catering outlet in the Departure Lounge. Besides this room, the Airport also offers an assistance program to help travelers have a comfortable experience.

10. Secret dog park – Atlanta, USA

Secret dog park – Atlanta, USA
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Many people love traveling with their furry family members, and they should all know about this hidden dog park at the Atlanta Airport that offers a place for pups to get ready before or after flights. This outdoor dog park is entirely fenced and travelers can get to it near the south terminal baggage claim. Amazingly, the park offers poo bags, benches for resting, and a place for passengers to store their luggage while the dog does its business. Moreover, the dog park isn’t restricted to dog owners only, any other traveler who’s seeking a place to rest or play with a dog is also welcome.



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