12 Important Tips and Tricks You Need to Know Before Flying

12 Important Tips and Tricks You Need to Know Before Flying
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Before you book a flight, there are some very important things you need to know first, especially if you’re not a frequent flyer!

From finding the cheapest flights and avoiding long lines to bringing your phone’s battery back to life, we will reveal all the secrets that travel experts and flight attendants have been hiding from you.
These 12 awesome tips and tricks will offer you the comfort you deserve while traveling as well as help you save lots of time and money. Check them out on the Next pages.

1. How to get your luggage first

Putting a ‘fragile’ sticker on your bag actually saves a lot of time. It will not only increase the chances of saving your luggage from breakage but also get your bags to be placed on top of other bags, which obviously means you’ll receive your luggage faster and save more time.
Another pro tip is to use bright-colored suitcases so you can easily recognize them from a distance, especially that most passengers carry black bags.

2. How to pack your stuff

Always have your bag fully packed so that the things you have inside will stay still. Utilize the space correctly by placing hard items on the corners and fragile or breakable items like perfumes and cosmetics in the center. Also, never use a cloth to wrap your fragile items – always use a bubble wrap or cardboard like a shoebox or cereal box to keep them safe.

3. Looking for cheap flights?

Remember, most airline companies record your search history every time you visit their website. The best way to make sure they won’t offer you expensive tickets based on your search history is to look for flights using the ‘incognito mode,’ which is a special chrome browser that does not let any website record your search history. You can get into the incognito mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N.

✔ Did you know that if you choose the language of a destination country while buying tickets rather than your native language it may help you get a cheaper ticket? For example, if you are going to Germany, choose the German language instead of English. It’s a bit difficult but it’s worth it when it comes to saving money.

✔ One more very important point is that you should NEVER buy tickets on weekends, especially in the morning, because these are the busiest times. Always go for other weekdays, preferably Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Also, make sure to buy your ticket four to six weeks in advance.

✔ Always choose connecting flights because direct flights are more expensive. The more stops, the cheaper the ticket.

4. How to choose the best seat

An aisle seat is simply not recommended since its armrest doesn’t lift. Well, it does lift on some flights but it has a secret button, which the flight attendants keep secret. Also, you wouldn’t want to suddenly get hit by the food cart.

✔ Frequent flyers tend to choose seats 11 and 12 because almost everyone tries to avoid number 13. This way, they may enjoy two seats at the cost of one.

✔ If you aren’t traveling alone, always go for a window seat or aisle seat. There are high chances that the middle seat will remain empty. Actually, the middle seat is the most uncomfortable one. And the best part about the window and aisle seats is that you can easily switch seats with your partner.

✔ If you often take naps while flying, a window seat is the best option for you, keeping your favorite sleeping side in mind. For instance, if you sleep on your right side, choose the window on the left side of the plane so you can lean on the wall and sleep as comfortably as possible.

✔ The best way to choose a seat is to check the plane map while buying a flight ticket. Remember to pick a seat with extra leg space.

5. How to take water onboard

Since the prices at the airport are higher and you don’t want to pay a very unreasonable amount for a simple water bottle, the better alternative is to get your own frozen water bottle through, but you must be sure that it won’t melt. Or, you can simply fill an empty bottle with tap water after you pass through the customs.

6. How to avoid long queues

People who travel frequently might have noticed that many passengers unconsciously tend to go right while passing through airport security or passport control. Usually, left lines are shorter and move faster compared to the right ones. So just go left! And keep in mind these few tips:

✔ To avoid wasting time, always keep your small items in your jacket rather than in your pants. That’s because you can easily take your jacket off and put it on a checking counter instead of wasting time on emptying your pants’ pockets.

✔ Also, always put your laptop and liquids on the top of your handbag so that you can quickly get them out to be checked when asked.

✔ Don’t forget to put all the metal items you have, like your watch, jewelry, and belt, in your handbag.

7. Lost and found

If you lose something at the airport, it will be kept for 90 days. And in case you did not come back within that time, it may be given to someone else.
So, as soon as you notice that something is missing, head to the “lost and found” counter immediately, even if you’re already in your hotel room at the time you realized that you’ve lost a certain item.

8. Charge your phone at the airport

If your phone’s battery is running low and you cannot find any port around you, just look around for a TV, which is available on almost every airport. Once you spot a TV, go ahead and charge your phone from the USB port on of its sides.
This hack can be useful in hostels or restaurants. Just ensure that the TV is on.

9. Keep enough time between connecting flights

If you don’t want to miss your flight, always get the earliest possible flight, especially if you have a connecting flight, make sure there should be enough time between the flights so that the luggage can be transferred to the other plane without any delay or loss.

10. Find a better sleeping place at the airport

If you have to spend a night at the airport, always seek the airport attendants’ help. Most of them can help you find a safe place to sleep. They can also provide you with medical help, power outlets, and rooms for your children. Just make sure to ask politely.

11. How to stay healthy

To avoid getting sick or contaminated during a flight, do not walk barefoot, do not eat anything from the floor or touch any surface, and most importantly, do not touch your face. In case you really need to touch something, make sure you sanitize or wash your hands afterward. And again, no matter what you do, do not touch your face.

12. How to prevent jet lag

It’s best to take a flight that reaches your destination in the afternoon, around 4 or 5 p.m. so you’ll have time to get to your hotel room, take a shower, enjoy a meal, and have enough time to rest or sleep.
Another way is to start preparing your brain for the new time zone a few days in advance by changing your bedtime and adjusting the time on your watch to match that of your travel destination.


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