7 Natural Disinfectants to Sanitize Everything You Touch When You Travel

7 Natural Disinfectants to Sanitize Everything You Touch When You Travel
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In 2020, and with the COVID-19 running havoc across the globe; entire countries and governments have gone above and beyond so that they could secure a sufficient stock of disinfectant liquid for their citizens so that they can protect themselves against this rampant disease.

But what you may or may not know, is that you don’t need those fancy -and recently expensive- disinfectants in order to protect yourself from COVID-19.

There are some naturally available disinfectants that you can find and make from the comfort of your own home.

Well if you want to know what they are there’s only really one way to find out. So, shall we?

1. Borax

Although the name sounds like it’s been made in a lab during the cold war days for military purposes and it is now put its dark past behind and retired to this household product that we know of today. But let me assure you, Borax is a completely natural element that is actually mined in its raw form from our very own blue pearl that we call Earth.

This water-dissoluble powder is exploited in a variety of fields. Starting with the most relevant one for this article, Borax can be mercilessly tough on mould and bacteria. Additionally, it can also help with those stains your clumsy self keeps making. And lastly just when you think it’s all said and done, Borax comes up with yet one more trick up its sleeve from the good-old-days.

It’s been known to be used as the active ingredient in pesticides as well as insect repellents. Now you tell me that a product this handy and this versatile doesn’t have a past? A story? I don’t buy it.



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