8 Awesome Travel Tricks You Need to Know

8 Awesome Travel Tricks You Need to Know
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We all want to get through the airport smoothly and have a stress-free trip, but this can only happen if you already have some tips and tricks to back you up. But you don’t have to be a travel savvy or a heavy researcher to get your hands on some of the most practical tricks out there. In this case, you just need to read this article!

These 10 little-known tricks will help you get cheap plane tickets, save money, find cheap food at the airport, get free headphones, be the first to get your luggage, and so much more.

1. The simple solution for cheap tickets, half-planes planes, no delays, and no turbulence

The solution to all these problems is pretty simple: Take night flights!
In fact, statistics have shown that night flights have fewer flyers, rarely have passengers with children, and are never delayed. What’s more, flying at night also means that you’ll avoid the airport crowds and you won’t waste your time waiting in long lines.

As for turbulence, planes rarely experience any at night because storms tend to occur in the 2nd part of the day, plus, the air is always fresher at nighttime.

2. How to find cheap and tasty food at the airport

When hunger strikes at the airport, you may think that you have no other options than to just waste your money on tasteless food. but the truth is, you do have a brilliant option, which involves finding places where airport employees eat.

You can check out other people’s reviews to spot a good cafeteria or a diner that’s frequently visited by the employees. Such places are gems for hungry travelers who care about both their wallets and taste buds. This is where you can find meals that come with normal price tags and enjoyable flavors.
It’s important to not ignore your hunger because when you’re full, you can handle jet-lag more easily.
Also, keep in mind that you can take certain snacks on board, these include nuts, chocolate, and high-calorie bars.

3. Forgot your headphones or phone charger? No problem!

If you’ve made the common mistake of forgetting your headphones or phone charger, just don’t panic and head directly to the “Lost and Found” to get some for free.
In fact, every airport has a place where they store the lost and forgotten items that passengers leave behind. The good news is that the policy of the lost and found items says that in case no one showed up to get a cheap item in 3 months, then the employees can just give it away for free to other travelers who may need to use it. Such cheap things include umbrellas, phone chargers, headphones, and other stuff that don’t cost much but can be highly useful.

4. You should always anticipate that there probably won’t be enough comforters

To ensure your comfort and avoid ending up chilly and stressed out about the fact that there just aren’t enough comforters, you should always think about carrying comfortable and warm pieces of clothing.

In fact, several air companies offer one comforter for many flyers. Also, they put used comforters in special bags and then give them to travelers a few more times before sending them to get washed. So, it would just be better to bring your own comforter; a large warm scarf would be perfect.

Also, make sure to wear comfy clothes and shoes while traveling and consider layering up so you can maintain optimal body temperature on board and avoid catching a cold.

5. Each seat has its own advantages and it’s up to you to choose what’s important for you

The front of the seating area is usually taken by passengers with small kids. But that’s also the first area that’s served by the flight attendants, meaning you’ll be the first one to get food and drinks if you sit there.
And if you choose to sit in the middle, close to the wings, you’ll be blessed with not having to feel lots of jolting, while sitting near the emergency exits comes with more distance between the seats.
As for the seats in the back, they have the perk of being closer to the restroom, which means you won’t have to stand in line since there is always a line of passengers waiting to get to the toilet.

So just recheck your priorities and choose the perfect seat for you.

6. Get your luggage first after the flight

You can easily get your luggage first following a flight by being the last one to check it in. Also, carrying girlish bags can be of great help since women’s baggage gets treated with more care. Why? Simply because women are known for carrying fragile items and making huge complaints if something gets broken. So it’d help if you get a case with bright colors.

7. What to do when you have to spend plenty of time at the airport

The best thing you can do is to buy a pass to the lounge zone. The majority of airports offer one for around $40 per night.
It’s a wonderful option actually because there wouldn’t be too many people and there will certainly be food, drinks, great internet connection, good couches, and sometimes even a shower and bed. The greatest part? Lounge-zone visitors get these things for free. This means you won’t waste money on a hotel room or meals.

8. Keep your luggage safe using a GPS-tracker

There are many hacks that savvy travelers use to locate their luggage at all times and avoid the risk of losing it due to a tiny mistake made by the air company, including taking a picture of their luggage before checking it in or getting a keychain with a GPS-tracker.
To avoid losing your luggage, you should also remember to get rid of any old stickers and tags because otherwise, they may be read by a scanner and end up being sent to a different destination.



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