Driving Between States During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Driving Between States During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Here’s What You Need to Know.
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Since the coronavirus pandemic has started, a lot of things have changed, the everyday life is no longer the same, working is no longer the same, and traveling is not the same.

Now, there are certain measures that you need to follow and respect if you want to travel between states without having problems with the authorities, and in this article, we will tell you what are the things you should know before you start planning to drive between the states.

1. Is traveling between states during the coronavirus pandemic legal?

Travelling was never illegal, it is everyone’s right to travel wherever they want whenever they want, as long as they have the money for it. But during the coronavirus pandemic, the authorities had to impose some measures for people to respect to stop the spreading of the virus, like quarantine, and checkpoints at borders to remind the drivers of the security measures they should take upon arrival.

2. Is quarantine obligatory if I travel from one state to another?

All around the world countries are obligating people who arrive at their borders to stay in quarantine for 14 days to make sure that they do not have the virus before they start roaming out in the country. Some states impose a quarantine on travelers once they arrive, like Wisconsin and Arizona.

Imposing quarantine is to prevent the spreading of the virus and to discourage people from traveling between states, some states even ask for recommendations from people who are going back home from different states. You cannot deny that these impositions make traveling hard and not easy like it was before the coronavirus pandemic, but it is not impossible.

3. What to know before deciding to travel between states?

Before you start packing your stuff and planning your travel there are certain things you should think about, and the most important thing is, is this travel really important?

As we all know, the coronavirus is a very serious disease and it is spreading very fast, so traveling and going around will increase the possibility of getting the virus and hence spreading it and putting a lot of lives in danger. It is recommended for people to stay at home unless it is for something very important, so if you plan on traveling just for fun, you should think twice before you do it because you could be endangering your and your family’s lives.

Another thing you should consider while traveling is the coronavirus spread in your destination, so if you plan on traveling to a state where the virus is spreading rapidly and the numbers are growing day after day, you should put in mind that your chances of getting the virus will increase just like the numbers do.

4. Enforced border screening can be found in which states?

Another measure to stop the travelers and the spread of the coronavirus is enforcing the borders of the state. Some states like Florida have checkpoints on the border to stop travelers, that does not mean that they will not be allowed into the state, but these checkpoints are just to remind the travelers of the safety measure and for them to fill a form where they declare the place where they will be living and spending the 14 days quarantine once inside the state.

These forms are sent to the state’s health department and it is up to them to follow up with the traveler to see if they are following the quarantine order or not.

5. What is the punishment for not respecting the driving between state security measures?

Some people think that if they decide to travel between states, they will be considered as doing something illegal and would be punished for it; Actually, that is not true what they will be punished for is not respecting the security measure imposed by the authorities.

For example, if you go to a state where quarantine is imposed on anyone who enters it and then after you get in, you do not respect the quarantine orders then you will be punished accordingly like paying fines or even serving jail time. Some states announced huge fines like Alaska that announced a 25000$ fine for anyone who got caught not respecting the quarantine orders.

As you can conclude that traveling is not illegal, it is still allowed under certain conditions that should be respected no matter what, unless you want to pay a fine or serve time in jail.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this article, and if you will still be traveling even after reading all about the restrictions that states are imposing, and share this article with close people who pal on traveling soon.



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