How to Eat Street Food Around the World and Never Get Sick

How to Eat Street Food Around the World and Never Get Sick
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Almost everyone likes traveling, I mean who does not want to go out and explore the world and its different cultures, and one of the best things to explore in the world is food. But eating food in a fancy restaurant does not count, if you really want to taste the real food of a country you should eat its street food.

But honestly, most people get scared when they want to try street food, not of its taste but the germs that it may contain, and most people ask themselves the question “is eating street food really worth getting sick for?”. Well, in this article, we will show you how you can enjoy eating a cheap and delicious meal in a foreign country without having to worry about your health!

1. Be wary of water

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Everyone knows that most diseases come from infected water, but if you do not know that let us clarify it for you. Bad tap water can cause you many diseases because of the germs and particles that it might contain. When you travel to a foreign country, one of the first things you should do is ask and see if tap water there is not known for its bad quality, because if it is then you should be avoiding anything that might have tap water.

If you are wondering things like what, well, things like juice that could be mixed up with water, any cold beverage that could have ice cubes, any fruit or vegetables that might be washed with tap water, which also includes salads of course, etc. So when you are wandering through the streets of the city you are traveling, try food that is grilled, fried, or even boiled but you should definitely avoid anything that was not cooked and has been washed or contains bad tap water.

2. Get in a long line

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A rule that you should always keep in mind is “the crowdier it is the tastier the food”, eating street food can be a very good experience for every traveler if they know how to do it the right way, and doing the right way does not only mean finding the cleanest place and eating the healthiest street food out there.

When you decide it is time to stop scrolling through those delicious food pictures, and you start roaming in the streets trying to find a good place where you’d get good quality street food, look for the line. Yes, you have read it right, you should always look for places that have so many people lining up on their door, especially if it is locals.

That will definitely be the best place to eat street food there, it will have the tastiest, healthiest food and its good reputation is what got all these people waiting for their turn to taste their delicious food.

3. When in doubt, take a tour

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Being in a foreign country can be very confusing, you do not know the language, you do knot the culture, so you would not know what food to try, what you will like, what you might not like, or even what you have allergies from, etc.

When you get in doubt, do not make a quick decision, instead, take a tour around town, see all the available options, look up the ingredient of the food you found, see if it contains something that you might be allergic to, and take this advice, street food generally does not look very appetizing but when if you actually go for it it might not taste as bad as it looks.

There is something else that you could do that will remove all the doubt you might have, which is getting a local to give you a tour, and you could do that using a type of apps that are becoming popular nowadays, it gets you in contact with one of the locals that could give you advice and tips on where to go, what to do and what to eat, and they could even go with you if you get along.

Do not forget that one of the joys of traveling is food, and missing the chance of getting tasty and cheap food is something you should never do, and after reading this article, you would not have to worry about any health issues because you will be avoiding anything that might put your health at risk!

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this article and share with us the street foods you have tried in a different country and your feedback about them.



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