Never Wear these 10 Things When Flying

Never Wear these 10 Things When Flying
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You should know that the items you wear on a flight have to be different from those on the ground. When you are going to sit for hours in a metal tube flying 35,000 feet in the air, comfort should be your number one priority. For various reasons, many travelers end up choosing the wrong outfits that ruin their time both at the airport and on the plane.

But why make yourself uncomfortable by wearing clothes that make you stressed, sweaty, or even in pain, while you can wear an outfit that keeps you feeling cozy and relaxed.

To fly smart and increase your comfort, no matter what you do, just avoid wearing these 10 things on a plane.

1. Never Wear High Heels

High heels are always a bad idea when traveling, especially on a flight or even while walking around the airport. They can cause chronic foot pain to hammertoe, meaning that this type of shoes will simply bring you more harm and no good at all.

The other issue is that high heels contain an internal metal that will set off the security alarm in the airport and you will lose so much time for no reason.

2. Never Wear Perfume

It is better to avoid wearing perfume on a plane. The plane is a closed and packed space with a lot of people sitting next to you. So you may affect and even hurt some people who are sensitive or have allergies to certain scents. The other issue is, imagine if every passenger on the plane is wearing perfume, all the odors will intensify inside the plane leaving no room for clean air.
Instead of wearing perfume, wear your freshly cleaned clothes.

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