Never Wear these 10 Things When Flying

Never Wear these 10 Things When Flying
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You should know that the items you wear on a flight have to be different from those on the ground. When you are going to sit for hours in a metal tube flying 35,000 feet in the air, comfort should be your number one priority. For various reasons, many travelers end up choosing the wrong outfits that ruin their time both at the airport and on the plane.

But why make yourself uncomfortable by wearing clothes that make you stressed, sweaty, or even in pain, while you can wear an outfit that keeps you feeling cozy and relaxed.

To fly smart and increase your comfort, no matter what you do, just avoid wearing these 10 things on a plane.

1. Never Wear High Heels

High heels are always a bad idea when traveling, especially on a flight or even while walking around the airport. They can cause chronic foot pain to hammertoe, meaning that this type of shoes will simply bring you more harm and no good at all.

The other issue is that high heels contain an internal metal that will set off the security alarm in the airport and you will lose so much time for no reason.

2. Never Wear Perfume

It is better to avoid wearing perfume on a plane. The plane is a closed and packed space with a lot of people sitting next to you. So you may affect and even hurt some people who are sensitive or have allergies to certain scents. The other issue is, imagine if every passenger on the plane is wearing perfume, all the odors will intensify inside the plane leaving no room for clean air.
Instead of wearing perfume, wear your freshly cleaned clothes.

3. Never Wear Tight Clothing

You should never wear tight clothing on a flight, especially if your flight is longer than a couple of hours. You can seriously put yourself at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot that forms in a deep vein usually in the leg). And you can also suffer from cramping, bloating, and swelling.

So choose loose and comfortable clothing to protect your health while traveling.

4. Never Wear Things with Metal

When you go through airport security, they will ask you to take off any items containing metal parts. It can be a T-shirt, shoes, Jeans, or jewelry. Anything with metal will just slow you down in the airport, wasting your time and energy.
So avoid wearing anything with metals and go for normal materials. Also, don’t wear any jewelry or other accessories until you pass through security screening.

5. Never Wear Contact Lenses

You should never wear contact lenses on the plane. The average humidity inside the plane can get 10% low and possibly lower. Plus, the air at a high altitude is very dry, which will dry out your contact lenses, causing eye discomfort or irritation.
So before going on a plane, remember to take off your contact lenses and wear your glasses instead.

6. Never Wear Itchy Fabrics

Before you get dressed for your flight, remember to consider the fabric of your clothes first. If you wear a fabric that can be itchy for you, you will be too uncomfortable on the plane that you’ll end up stressed and tired. You should also consider the temperature on the plane because it can irritate sensitive skin.

It’s best to avoid wearing harsh fabrics like wool and bamboo and replace them with soft fabrics like cotton and silk.

7. Never Wear Warm Clothes

Traveling can be a four-season day. The temperature can keep changing in your body throughout the trip. So it is better to avoid warm clothes and wear layers instead. Layers can be your best weapon against weather change.
With layers it is always easy! If you feel hot, you take your top layer of clothes off, and if you feel cold, you can simply get it back.

8. Never Wear Offensive Clothes

You may think this is just a joke, but many people have been prohibited from getting on a plane because of the offensive clothes they were wearing.

Offensive clothes are not only forbidden, but they can also be very uncomfortable. Showing too much skin or wearing a shirt with big holes or a very short dress or mini skirts or even tight blouses is just not a smart or practical thing to do while traveling. Also, shirts with cursing or insulting images should never be worn on a plane as well.

For an easy-going and comfortable trip, it’s best to go for normal and comfy outfits.

9. Never Wear Summer Clothes

Even if you are traveling to a warm destination and you get tempted to wear a summery outfit for your flight. You better not!
You are forgetting that the temperature on the plane can be very cold at times. That’s why you should wear a few layers that are easy to remove if needed. It might be hot where you are going but it’s not the case on the plane.
So always remember to carry a light jacket in your backpack in case you feel cold.

10. Never Wear Pajamas or a Jumpsuit

Even if I said before that tight clothing is bad on a plane, that does not mean you should wear oversized clothing. Loose jumpsuits, for example, may look comfortable but it is not the best choice for the airport nor the plane. Just think about inspections at the airport or going to the bathroom.

Moreover, people wearing baggy jumpsuits or pajamas tend to have a harder time at airport security and more inspections than other people.

It’s just better to avoid very loose clothing, especially jumpsuits and pajamas. And remember, pajamas are supposed to stay indoors.



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