This is What You Should and Should Never Eat at the Airport

This is What You Should and Should Never Eat at the Airport
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Many travelers may not think that there’s such a thing as healthy airport food, and they’re right to think so due to the habit of being at the mercy of processed foods that are filled with sodium and empty calories every time they’re at an airport. Moreover, eating healthy foods or even packing your own meals isn’t as much of an airport priority compared to getting there on time and remembering your passport.

However, food is still crucial when it comes to giving you energy and keeping you healthy during your trip. But what types of airport foods can qualify as healthy?

To save you lots of precious time on venturing the airport food court, reading nutrition data, and checking menus, here are the healthiest airport food options you’ll want to consider while traveling as well as the ones you need to absolutely avoid.

1. Fruit / Fruit Salad

Eating well at the airport isn’t as complicated as it seems, especially when you know what to look for. Next time you’re at an airport don’t get distracted by the big, colorful, and bold caloric snacks found at the majority of food areas. Instead, head to cafes or quick-stop restaurants to get yourself some natural, healthy fruits. These places often offer a bowl of bananas, oranges, apples, or other fruits.

If you don’t want or can’t find whole fruits, your next best option is to go for a fruit salad that’s always laying alongside different refrigerated products. These salads aren’t bad at all and they often include a delicious seasonal combination of different pre-cut fruits. Plus, they’re easy to eat and digestion-friendly.
When picking a salad, make sure it looks fresh.

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